Friday, 24 January 2020

Hi, as you can see from previous posts my new novel 'The Doll' the fourth in the Psychic Sisters Series is out for pre order. If you are interested in trying the series the first 'The Lavender Witch' is now available on Amazon Kindle for FREE until the 27th Jan. Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 23 January 2020

The Doll, the fourth in the Psychic Sisters Series

Available for pre order on Amazon. Publication date 31st March.

A mysterious doll, a centuries old curse and a vengeful witch.

What have the tea guzzling OAP’s Queenie and Sybil got involved in now!

Queenie’s peaceful Sunday afternoon reading the papers is interrupted by the arrival of the local Vicar, Paul Goodfellow.
He has recently come into possession of a strange doll; worried because it is having such a strange effect on his three young daughters he reluctantly consults the local witch, Queenie.
Hearing that the previous owner, a young woman, committed suicide in the most horrific way Queenie becomes increasingly disturbed as she realises that the doll has an evil curse attached to it. It becomes evident how dangerous the situation is  when the owner of the doll, an evil witch, forces her way into Queenie’s  home in search of it.
The witch is the most formidable adversary Queenie has ever faced and it is only with the help of  her sister Sybil and Paul the Vicar that they manage to overcome her, her coven and the Hell Hounds that she sets against them. 

To  stop her wreaking vengeance on the inhabitants of Queenie’s home of Dorchester and laying waste to the town Queenie must dig deep and use every bit of cunning and occult knowledge that she has.

“Muscle and sinew flexed beneath their black hides as they bounded 
Panting in the cold air, yellowing fangs protruding from their gaping  mouths, they 
salivated as they bore down on their intended victims.

The largest Hell Hound slunk forward baring its teeth.

‘Bad dog!’ Queenie scolded, wagging her finger.”