Thursday, 24 May 2012

Packhorse Fair Bruton Somerset

This is a great event in Bruton, the whole length of the Back rivers Lane in Bruton is closed for this, there will be loads to do , music stalls crafts art and last time there were Morris Dancers and a Hog Roast. I believe it was cancelled last year but this year w e will be praying for sun and loads of it! We will be there with a gazebo just in case it rains, and will be selling faerie cards and prints, faerie dolls books jewellery etc so come on and visit! it's worth it.

Axminster Artisans June show

If you are around Axminster Devon from June 2 t16 why not pop into  Trinity House for the art and craft show, it's well worth a visit with loads of local artist exhibiting, all prices affordable which makes a nice change! Yours truly will be there as well with a few crafts no paintings this time tho.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Baby's home!!
My little baby is back with scorched wings, in case you're wondering it's one of my manuscripts!
writing is difficult enough but then the nitty gritty sets in and you have to deal with agents publishers and rejection letters, but never mind! onward and upward as they say... I just wish these agents would return the damn ms even when given ssae. It's so annoying I'm sure they think they are the only one's that are busy (gnashing of teeth.)

But now on to a nicer note.. faeries.. a much more pleasant topic to discuss.
Faerie Flora is out and fluttering her wings again, she bounces back well so, so can I.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

More rain!
The only consolation is that all this rain we are  having is feeding our magical wells of wisdom and healing. They can be found throughout the British Isles and Ireland. There is a fascinating story surrounding Connla's Well in Tipperary otherwise known as the Well of Wisdom. It stands at the centre of the celtic otherworld. From here flows the water which feeds all other sacred wells and springs throughout the rest of the world.
Overhanging this well grows a sacred hazel tree which produces the nine nuts of poetic art and wisdom, these nuts drop into the water and are eaten by Fintan the salmon of knowledge.
When the nuts fall into the water bubbles of inspiration rise to the surface which with the husks then flow from this well spreading the wisdom to the rest of the world.
Bu one asks how can we still be suffering from a drought? it's the wettest drought ever!

Friday, 4 May 2012

I wish I was in my garden.... but it's too wet!
The weeds are growing and I have packets and packets of seeds to sow. This year I'm going to try to plant more insect friendly plants, I'm sure the faeries will approve. It is said that butterfly are faeries in disguise, a lovely thought tho I'm have my doubts when I see the Cabbage white butterflies heading for my veg patch.Ah well... I suppose they have to eat as well.
Perhaps the faeries that live at the bottom of my garden will keep a kindly eye on my veggies!!