Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The Three Spinsters Stone

The name drives from the local  legend of three spinsters living nearby, not spinsters 
as we know the term but 'spinsters' in the woollen sense...wool spinners. 

The tale goes that one morning the three women set out to take their baskets of spun 
wool to the local wool trader and stopped for a rest in the lane bordering 
the 'Three Stones' field. 
For some reason they decided to re-erect the three granite slabs then replace 
the huge capstone on top, hence the name Spinsters Rock!
Although in 1848 Samuel Rowe suggested the theory that the Three Spinsters is a link 
with the three Fatal Sisters, Urd, Verdani and Skuld of Norse Mythology  who lived 
at the base of Yggdrasil, The World Tree. 
They were said to weave the destiny of the world and would visit any newborn to 
determine its destiny.

The Spinsters Rock is a Neolithic chambered tomb, kown as a Dolmen or Cromlech, found on Dartmoor near Drewsteighton and  is the best surviving example in the county.
The word Dolmen is derived from the Celtic words daul, a table, and maen, a stone.
Originally covered by a mound of earth or stones. The capstone alone wighs 16 tons and is 3.65m long by 2.7 wide.

The tomb collapsed in 1862 after the surrounding field was ploughed during a very wet season prior to planting a crop of winter wheat, yes they had bad weather then as well! In fact the summer of 1860 and 1862 was recorded as being  the wettest and coldest across England since their records began.
There is divided opinion who was responsible for its restoration either local Vicar Rev W. Ponsford or a Mrs Bragg of Fulford.

We visited this site a few weeks ago , it quite an impressive Dolmen and the picture does not do it justice. It was being guarded by three malevolent sheep and later that night a fierce storm blew up, the wind howled and shrieked and I could hear 'fell voices on the wind' so I think we might have disturbed the three spinsters in some way!

Saturday, 15 February 2020

The Doll-Elizabeth Andrews- Review

The Doll is the fourth in the Psychic Sisters series - Queenie and Sybil, the tea guzzling sisters who also happen to be witches.

Queenie has her peaceful Sunday afternoon interrupted by the arrival of the 
local Vicar, Paul Goodfellow. 
He has recently come into possession of a strange doll, the previous owner, a young women committed suicide in a most horrific way and her mother is convinced that the
 doll was in some part responsible. 
She begs the Vicar to perform an exorcism on the doll before leaving it with him. 
Paul, although he is very sceptical, agrees to take the doll. But the doll begins to 
affect his three young daughters and following the advice of one of his parishioners 
he decides to consult the local witch...Queenie.
What she finds worries her enormously; it is no ordinary doll, it has a killing 
curse attached to it. 
One that was never completed.
When the original owner of the doll, a powerful witch forces her way into 
Queenie's house in search of the doll so that she can complete the curse and wreak 
vengeance of the intended victim, Queenie realises that she is facing the 
most formidable adversary that she has ever met.
Although she has the help of her sister, Sybil and Paul to thwart the witch, her coven 
and the Hell Hounds that she sets against them Queenie has to dig deep and
 summon up all her knowledge of the occult to defeat this evil women.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Seventh Son. Joseph Delaney: Review

Just thought I would do a quick review of this book. I found a copy in the WHSmith discount store and thought I would give it a go as I had enjoyed the movie.

"This volume includes Book 1, Revenge of the Witch, and Book 2, Curse of the Bane, of the Last Apprentice series. Only the Spook has the knowledge and skill to face ghosts, bind witches, and bargain with boggarts. Now he needs an apprentice--Tom Ward, who is the seventh son of a seventh son. Other apprentices have come before. All have failed, or fled, or died. Will Tom learn what they could not? Can he trust anyone, even his one true love? He will find out--and soon, for the dark is getting powerful, and the Spook's time has come. Will Tom survive to carry on his master's battle? Will he be the Last Apprentice?"

It is very different from the film, the characters are the same but the story line has been changed drastically. I don't know they would have basically rewritten the book for the film as the novel is excellent...in fact the plot is better than in the film.
The characters are more rounded, you learn more about the history of the Spook, Alice and especially Tom Ward's mother as it explains where her powers come from and why she married Tom's father.
I'm just wondering if they will be keeping Alice around in the future  books as she seems to know a lot about magic, black or otherwise and I think they could use her help!
Just about to order the next in the series, so hopefully this will keep me going for a few weeks.
Apparently it is a book for young adults but hey who cares I'm young at heart!

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Queenies Beresford's
Book of 
very useful 

Queenie is about to write her own useful spell book, nagged by her sister Sybil 
who thinks she should do it before Queenie gets too old. 
This will include spells to defeat dark souls, different recipes for tea ..of course, and 
anything  else Queenie thinks might be interesting and useful for witches  and mortals.
Hopefully she will be able to concentrate long enough to get it finished sometime soon...other adventures permitting!

Friday, 24 January 2020

Hi, as you can see from previous posts my new novel 'The Doll' the fourth in the Psychic Sisters Series is out for pre order. If you are interested in trying the series the first 'The Lavender Witch' is now available on Amazon Kindle for FREE until the 27th Jan. Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 23 January 2020

The Doll, the fourth in the Psychic Sisters Series

Available for pre order on Amazon. Publication date 31st March.

A mysterious doll, a centuries old curse and a vengeful witch.

What have the tea guzzling OAP’s Queenie and Sybil got involved in now!

Queenie’s peaceful Sunday afternoon reading the papers is interrupted by the arrival of the local Vicar, Paul Goodfellow.
He has recently come into possession of a strange doll; worried because it is having such a strange effect on his three young daughters he reluctantly consults the local witch, Queenie.
Hearing that the previous owner, a young woman, committed suicide in the most horrific way Queenie becomes increasingly disturbed as she realises that the doll has an evil curse attached to it. It becomes evident how dangerous the situation is  when the owner of the doll, an evil witch, forces her way into Queenie’s  home in search of it.
The witch is the most formidable adversary Queenie has ever faced and it is only with the help of  her sister Sybil and Paul the Vicar that they manage to overcome her, her coven and the Hell Hounds that she sets against them. 

To  stop her wreaking vengeance on the inhabitants of Queenie’s home of Dorchester and laying waste to the town Queenie must dig deep and use every bit of cunning and occult knowledge that she has.

“Muscle and sinew flexed beneath their black hides as they bounded 
Panting in the cold air, yellowing fangs protruding from their gaping  mouths, they 
salivated as they bore down on their intended victims.

The largest Hell Hound slunk forward baring its teeth.

‘Bad dog!’ Queenie scolded, wagging her finger.”

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Sea Maidens at Durdle Door

Lulworth Castle, the magnificent home 
of the Weld family, was destroyed by fire in 1929 and amidst the tales of woe from the inhabitants came another strange 
story, that all the  maidservants had mysteriously disappeared. 
They were never seen again after the 
night of the fire and the local story has 
it that  all twelve of the young girls had 
gone for a walk along the cliff path to 
Durdle Door and had been washed 
into the sea from the forty foot high arch 
of the rock.

A former naval commander living in retirement at Poole recounted his 
experience back in the 1930's off the coast of Lulworth when a wild crescendo 
of screams tore the night air. 
" I leapt up the companion ladder, my throat scalding with fear. Desperately I sought to
penetrate the wall of darkness to the north, frantically searching to divide water from shore as the shrieking inferno raged about me. Then the screaming stopped as abruptly as if the waters had quenched it for ever and a small evanescent form rose on what I could just distinguish as the foreshore, not two hundred yards from my boat. It was the figure of a child. As it developed substance I saw it was a young girl. Her white expressionless face jerked awkwardly in a macabre dance, soon she was joined by another, and another. At once the foreshore was peopled with ten or a dozen girlish wraiths prancing and leaping in a mournful travesty of a childhood game. They were a ghastly spectacle and utterly joyless. Suddenly the figures were still as if restrained by a noiseless command, grew faint and were gone. I forced my eyes to stare harder but the curved foreshore was empty."

There are many legends of strange sea creatures along the coast of the South West of England such as the Veasta. This is a  large sea creature, part seahorse, part fish.
It has been spotted swimming off Chesil Beach near Portland numerous times. The first documented report was in 1457, it was seen again by the historian Rev John Hutchens in 1757,and was seen again in Church Ope Cove on Portland in 1965.
The remains of a strange creature was washed up on Burton Bradstock beach just a few miles down the coast in the 1980's and it was believed at the time to be the Veasta.

Another strange oddity found around the Cornish coast is the Whooper of Sennen Cove 
which makes a whooping sound from inside a thick cloud of mist. It would 
appear in clear weather over the cove signifying a severe storm was approaching.
It had the power to stop any fisherman from passing through the cloud of mist to 
the sea when a storm was imminent.
The Whooper deserted the cove when two fishermen, determined to get to the fishing 
grounds, beat their way through the mist with flails. They should have
heeded the whooper’s warning  because neither were seen again!

Falmouth has  its own resident sea monster called Morgawr ( Cornish for Sea Monster).

There have been many sightings since 1926 and is  described as having  a  stout body with a very long neck and black smooth skin like a seal lion. The local fishermen always blame a poor catch and bad weather on sightings of the monster.
 Locals believe that the monster only appeared after a German submarine U28 torpedoed a British merchant ship during W WI with loss of all on board. The creature was reported to have been at least 60 feet long shaped like a crocodile with webbed feet and a powerful tail.
There have been numerous sighting since and one man claimed to have taken a photo of the Morgawr lying in the water off Mawnan. The stretch of coastline between Rosemullion Head and Toll Point is known  as Morgawr’s Point due to the many sightings along this stretch of the coast.

A skeleton of what some people believe to be a Mawgawr was found washed up on  Charlestown beach near St Austell in 2017.