Monday, 4 February 2013

Stonehenge and Woodhenge

I was lucky enough to visit these two ancient sites last weekend, I should have
 gone before having driven past many times. It had stopped raining so we 
decided to venture out of the car. Even tho it was freezing and blowing a gale the 
Stonehenge site was packed with bus loads of tourist , like us!. 
The stones are magnificent but unfortunately I didn't get a feeling of connection 
with them at all. I think it was because we weren't allowed close enough and
 surrounded with clicking cameras didn't help.
 However it was a different matter at 
Woodhenge, we had the place to ourselves. I think this site isn't as well visited as 
it's bigger and more imposing cousin! I stood in the middle of this circle and could 
feel the power of the ley line running through it, amazing! of course it might 
have just been hypothermia setting in! To one side of the middle marker is a tiny grave, 
inside was found a small crouching body of a child, apparently a sacrifice. 
( I didn't find this out until I got home, thank goodness, there is also another grave of a teenager to one side that had also been sacrificed)
 Not much is known about these bodies as the skeletons were taken to London and 
destroyed during the Blitz. 
These two sites are on the main ley line that runs across the country from East Anglia 
down to the south west.

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