Friday, 14 February 2014

No matter the weather

We have just taken part in The Enchanted Market in Wokingham, first time we have done this one. It was great and we had a wonderful time. Although worried about getting up there and back due to the appalling weather we actually had a good trip both ways, the sun smiling on both the journeys. Met some lovely people! and look forward to seeing them again.

We have been lucky so far in this part of Somerset, we have avoided the flooding. Not so lucky the rest of the county and other parts of Britain. My heart goes out to them and well done to all the volunteers that have been helping.

In the fens of Cambridgeshire due to the nature of the landscape flooding has always been a problem; one of their water spirits called The Tiddy Mun was held responsible for the flooding and could be appealed to to withdraw the flood waters.
He lives in the deep stagnant pools of the fens and only comes out at night when the mists are rising over the water.

When the waters start to rise and threaten the homes of the fenlanders, they call from their doorsteps to the Tiddy Mun to cal back the waters.

'Tiddy Mun wi' out a name
Tha watters thruff'

When he answers, calling like a peewhit, they know that by morning the waters will have receded.
In the 17th century a drainage program was started, this so angered the Tiddy Mun that he called down a pestilence on the area, causing animals and children to sicken and die. The locals managed to appease the water spirit by pouring offerings of water and ale into the dykes and apologising to him for the damage caused.

'Tiddy Mun, wi' out a name
Here's watter for thee
Tak thy spell undone'

Perhaps we should all take a leaf out of their book and start apologising to the nature spirits for the damage we have caused.

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