Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Barrington Court, used for filming Wolf Hall

Barrington Court, Somerset, the National Trust 
property that was chosen to be one of the filming locations for Wolf Hall.
Although the estate had been occupied since the 11th century the
Tudor manor house was not built until the 1500’s. One of the early
 owners, a Giles Daubney, was courtier, diplomat and 
military commander under Edward IV and Henry VII.
Later Henry Daubney inherited the estate and was created Earl of Bridgewater 
for his services to Henry VIII. 

He eventually went bankrupt and was involved in the disgrace of Catherine 
Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife so the state was forfeit to the crown.

It had various owners since then including Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk who 
then sold it to the Cliftons

John Clifton was thought to be responsible for most of the 
building work at Barrington .
 By the early 19th century the property was almost derelict and Barrington Court 
was acquired by the National Trust in 1907 and was leased to 
Col. Abram Arthur Lyle of Tate & Lyle in the 1920's who 
refurbished the court house and renovated Strode House (built in 1674) which 
was originally a stable and coach block. It was at this time that the Lyles contracted 
Gertrude Jekyll to design the three formal gardens on the property that are 
now maintained by the head gardener.

The original stables were used as a location with Mark Rylance leaving his horse 
in this amazing building. ( minus the wicker cow!)

 The interiors are fitted with Colonel Lyle’s collection of 
salvaged antique woodwork.

The house was one of the first large properties acquired by the National Trust, at that time
 they did not  realise just how extensive the repairs and maintenance would be, but do not 
let this put you off visiting this property, its well worth a visit if you are in the area.

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