Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Pixies of Devon and Cornwall


The pixies of this part of the country dress in the colours of the earth 
using materials such as moss, grass and lichen. If this camouflage does 
not work they disguise themselves as hedgehogs. Local farmers often 
blame the pixies if any of their livestock go missing as they have been 
spotted in the past going for wild rides on the backs of horses, cattle etc. 
But the farmers are cautious not to offend the pixies and will make them 
welcome in the home, their wives leave out buckets of clean water at night
 so that the pixie mothers can wash their babies.
 Milk is also left out for them and every hearth must be swept so that the 
pixies can have somewhere clean to dance.

Buckland St Mary is the last place where the red clothed faeries were seen
 in Somerset, they were defeated in battle by the pixies so now everywhere 
west of the river Parrett is now pixie land. The red clothed faeries fled to 
Ireland although a few did settle in Devon and Dorset.

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