Monday, 1 October 2012

October is fruit time and fall of leaf

October is the month of autumn and of deer rutting.
 I t is also Wintirfyllith (Anglo Saxon) the month of the winter moon.  
Folklore tradition says that if the October moon comes without a frost 
we can expect no frost until the full moon of November

This month hot drinks and meals be good
To keep thy health and nourish thy blood
Provide warm clothes, and go foot dry
Thou shalt escape much danger therby.
Neve's Almanack 1633

October has always been believed to be
the correct month to make potions for curing wounds.

Take 2ozs of moss from a strangled mans skull
11/2 ozs of blood from the corpse
11/2 ozs of earthworm washed in wine
Two drams of fat each from a boar and sow
Two drams of turpentine
Pound them all together and keep in a narrow pot, 
and make this cure when the sun is in Libra
Dip into the potion  a sallow stick made wet with blood into the wound.
Then let the patient wash his wound in the morning 
with his own urine and then bind with a clean cloth.

Professor Rodolphus Goclorus, Wittenberg. 1608

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