Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gnomes, a lucky symbol

 Gnomes are more than an ornament found in gardens around the world; 
they are earth spirits found beneath old trees in woods and in caves. 
They spend their time caring for the trees and animals and guarding the 
treasures of the earth. The average gnome has a very long life span and
 can live for up to a thousand years. Expert at working with metal 
especially wonderful sword makers.
Placing a gnome statue in the garden is a good way to bring luck to 
the house it will also give protection.

There was gnome family that lived in a mill alongside the miller and his family. 
In exchange for milk and cornmeal the gnomes kept watch over the mill and 
helped alongside the miller when he was busy. 
With the gnomes help the miller became  very prosperous causing the 
neighbours to become very resentful, they spread rumours that the miller 
was dabbling in the dark arts to gain his riches. One of the children of the village 
knew better however as she had seen the little gnomes scurrying around the mill 
working hard with the miller. So she made a small statue of a gnome, painted
 it and set it in the garden of her home. The gnomes heard about the statue and 
visited the little girl's garden. They were so touched that the little girl wanted to 
have a statue of them that they decided to reward her. Every month a small 
gold coin was placed beneath the statue and as time went on her family became 
so wealthy that their neighbours decided to put a small gnome statue in their 
gardens as well as it obviously brought good luck.

I have a gnome statue sat on my desk and I look every morning for my gold coin.
But it hasn't appeared yet but here's hoping!

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