Monday, 22 October 2012


The faerie gold on Cadbury Hill in Somerset is guarded by a huge green 
dragon; every day it flies from it's lair on Castle Neroche to Cadbury 
and then back again.
Many years ago the hill fort was inhabited by faeries, here they lived in 
underground homes along the sides of the hill and in their caves they stored 
their treasures and grain from the surrounding plain. They were driven from 
the hill by the sound of the newly erected bells from a nearby church. 
The sound of the iron bells hurt their ears so much that they left without 
all their possessions, leaving the gold still in it's underground cave.
The faerie treasure can not be found by mortals, for the harder you dig for it the 
deeper it will sink the earth of Cadbury Hill. The dragon has been guarding it ever since.

It was a beautiful  day when we visited the hill, I didn't bother looking for the 
treasure as I didn't want to anger the dragon!

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