Monday, 15 October 2012

This is a good one for Scorpios!!

The man born under scorpio, shall have good fortune.
He shall be a great fornicator, and the first wife he shall have in marriage shall become too religious. He shall suffer pain in his privy parts at fifteen years old. He shall be hardy as a lion, he shall be merry and love good company of merry folk. He shall be in danger of enemies at twenty four and if he escapes he shall live to eighty four.
The woman shall be amiable and fair, she will not be long with her first husband and afterward shall enjoy with another by her good and true service. She shall suffer pain in her stomach and wounds in her shoulder and ought to fear her latter days which shall be doubtful by reason of venom. She shall live seventy years after nature.

Kalender of Shepheardes 1604

All you Scorpios out there exchange notes and see how accurate this horoscope is!!

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