Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mad March Hares

Now is the time that Hares begin their strange and mysterious mating rituals. In 1607 according to Edward Topsell writing in his History of four footed Beast; most people believed that hares were one year female and another year males. Hunters believed at that time that they were hermaphrodites.
There are many strange tales and beliefs surrounding the hare, that it is unlucky to meet one when setting out on a journey, or to mention one by name before putting out to sea, if you must then use  a nickname like Wat or Old Malkin.
And if you see a hare acting oddly it could be a shape shifting witch ( as told in my novel A Lavender Witch) or a were hare which can only be killed by using a silver bullet.

There is a goblin who resides on the Isle of Man called a Phynnodderee,  a very helpful chap but not too bright. He offered to help a local shepherd bring in his flock of sheep from the hills. Much later the goblin trailed into the farmyard exhausted,complaining that the  shepherds small brown sheep had caused him endless trouble when he was trying to round it up with the other sheep. The man was very puzzled when he heard this as all his sheep were snowy white. So he went to inspect the flock and cowering in the middle of the flock was an exhausted small brown hare.

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