Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spring equinox

Yes it's true! today is officially the first day of spring! 
So take no notice of the snow and the hailstones and the freezing rain, it's spring, yippee!
Today, 21st March, the sun enters the house of Aries and he who is born under this sign shall be of good wit and neither rich nor poor. He shall be soon to anger and soon pleased. He shall have damage by his neighbours and he shall have power over dead folks goods. Also a liar and unsteadfast of courage and will take vengeance on his enemies. Until the age of thirty four he shall be a fornicator and wedded at thirty five and if not, he shall not be chaste. And he will live until seventy five.
The woman that is born under aries will be ireful and suffer great wrongs from day to day. She shall lose her husband and recover a better. She shall be sick at the age of five and in danger at twenty five and if she survives she shall be in doubt until forty five after which she will prosper.
Kalender of Shepheardes 1604

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