Sunday, 23 June 2013

Faeries are very active at this time of year...

The period between Midsummer and St Peters Day, 29th June, is a busy time 
for faeries and it is a good time to try and bind them to your will.
First get a large square crystal about three inches in size and place it in the blood of a 
white hen for three consecutive Wednesday or Fridays. T hen wash the blood from 
the crystal using holy water and then fumigate. Take three sticks of hazel, strip the bark 
and write the faeries name on it, calling it out three times as you do so, on every stick. Bury the sticks 
under a faerie hill, the Wednesday before you call her, and the Friday following call her 
three times at either three, eight or ten o'clock. Before you call be sure that your are 
clean without and within, and turn your face towards the east. 
When the faerie appears bind her in the crystal.

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