Friday, 21 June 2013

Not only Faeries...

On Midsummer Eve, a night that is one of the most uncanny and dangerous 
of the year (after Halloween of course!) you need to protect yourself against not
 only faeries but evil spirits and witches. Midsummer Eve is sometimes known  as 
Witches Night, this harked back to the days before the civil war but with the 
coming of the puritans these practices and beliefs were discouraged.

To protect your house and beasts against them, collect the herbs St Johns wort,
 mugwort, plantain, corn marigold, dwarf elder, yarrow, ivy, vervain, and orpins;
 before dawn of 23rd June while the dew is still on them. Fashion them into garlands
 and hang over the doors to your home or burn them on the midsummer fire ( which should be lit as soon as the sun sets)
 this will drive off the evil spirits and protect you and your home.
On the night before midsummer, at midnight,walk seven times around a church, 
clockwise, casting hempseed about you and chant:

'Hempseed I sow
Hempseed I mow
Let him that is my true love
Come after me and mow'

If you look over your left shoulder after doing this you will see the image of your 
future partner following you.

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