Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Zombie Walk, Glastonbury


The Dead will be roaming the streets in Glastonbury on 25th October.
The zombies will be gathering outside the Crown Inn at the Market Place from 3.30 pm. 
At 5pm they will be unleashed on the defenceless inhabitants of Glastonbury.

 All this blood and mayhem is in aid of the charity Martha Care, which helps the
 families caring for sick children.
Martha Care is a hospital based support and advice service for families when their child is admitted with a serious illness or injury.
Service is aimed at all families whose child is likely to need a longer in-patient stay, who have travelled longer distances, who are experiencing hardship, who are particularly vulnerable. Service provided to Bristol royal hospital for children & St. Michael’s Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit.
Martha Care aims to bridge a critical gap in social support, providing a Family Support Worker to support families when their child is rushed into hospital in the South West. We know that families deserve to be looked after and feel cared for themselves. We can’t take away how awful life suddenly becomes, but we can provide emotional and practical support; help families access available services, find accommodation, care for their sick child and other children, keep their employment, stay physically and emotionally healthy.

Will anybody make it out alive?!!
For more information visit the charity's website  http://www.marthacare.org.uk/

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