Saturday, 12 January 2013

Faerie Markets

A faerie market takes place on the Blackdown Hills every week, many mortals have 
stumbled across the faerie gathering and have fared differently according to the 
respect that they show the faerie folk.
They gather dressed in bright colours on the side of the hill and mill around the 
many tents that are set up  around the field, inside they are piled high with various
 faerie goods and peddlers walk amongst the crowd with trays piled high with 
trinkets and ribbons. Musicians dance and pipe around the crowds as the faerie 
folk make their purchases.
There is one account where a man travelling home came across the fair, as he 
drew nearer the crowds faded from view and as he passed through the invisible 
throng he felt himself being pushed and pinched. 
The man began to feel extremely ill and hurried home as quickly as he could. 
By the time he had reached his home in Combe St Nicholas he was paralysed 
down one side , this affliction stayed with him for the rest of his life.
The market has been seen many times but most avoid it, one man however was 
more fortunate. He had always put out a plate of fresh water outside his home for 
the faeries and a dish of scalded cream. This served him well for one night he stumbled 
into the faerie market, seeing the wares on display he decided to buy a 
wooden  cider mug. This he bought and received  a handful of leaves for 
change, he politely said nothing and took the mug home. 
The next morning the mug was solid silver and the leaves had turned into lumps of gold.

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