Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hail the new moon

Greet the first new moon of the new year at its appearance 
by going out in the evening and stand astride the bars of a 
gate or stile and look at the moon saying
'All hail to the moon, all hail to thee
I prithee good moon reveal to me
This night who my husband or wife must be'
After which go to bed and you will dream of your future partner.

And talking of marriage,
according to Henry Swinburne Treatise of spousals 1686
'The form of the wedding ring being circular, that is round and without end,
 imparteth thus much, that their love and affection should roundly flow 
from one to the other as in a circle and that continually and forever.'

The wedding ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand because it 
was believed that from thence ran a particular vein straight to the 
seat of love, the heart.
It must never be worn before the ceremony but thereafter should never 
be removed for long and never lent to anybody.

So your wedding ring wears
So your cares wear away

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