Sunday, 20 January 2013

The eve of St Agnes' Day

St Agnes was a thirteen year old christian maiden who preferred to be 
martyred rather to marry a pagan roman officer and so has become 
the patron of young girls and of bodily chastity. 
She is also popular with young lovers.
So this eve to dream of  your future partner fast all day and stay
 silent and on no account allow anybody to kiss you. 
At bedtime wear your best and cleanest nightwear, boil an egg, take out the yolk
 and fill the shell with salt then eat it, shell and all. The walk backwards to bed saying

'Fair St Agnes, play thy part
And send to me my own sweetheart
Not in his best or worst array
But in the clothes he wears every day'

During this night you see your intended in your dreams but you must 
tell no one or it will not come to pass.

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