Monday, 2 July 2012

June Witches Market Glastonbury

The witches Market was great fun as usual, the weather wasn't too bad and it didn't seem to dampen anybody's spirit. Many overseas visitors which was nice, Norway Japan, and several very appreciative young girls from Italy. I don't think they could believe the diversity of Glastonbury and having visited Italy I am not surprised. We had a short break in Treviso last year and there was a college in the town and as usual students were milling about everywhere but the strange and slightly unnerving thing is that they all looked like the adults in the town. Isn't that the point of being young and especially a student that you can experiment and wear all the weirdest gear you like? Seeing those young girls reminded me how strange it was. But for the market it was a great time catching up with all our friends even if business was a bit slow.

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