Friday, 20 July 2012

The sun is out at last1

I am hoping for fine weather this weekend as I would like to go down Wistmans Wood on Dartmoor at the weekend. This is an atmospheric place and as you wander between the twisted trees and hanging moss it is possible to have a foot in either world, the world of the humdrum mortal and the wonderful glittering world of the faerie.
Wistmans Wood is the remains of an ancient woodland and is home to a pack of Yeth Hounds, jet black with flames snorting from their nostrils. They start their wild hunt from the centre of the wood led by the demonic huntsman called Dewer. They race through the woods looking for lost souls heading towards Dewer Stone near Bickleigh where they disappear only to appear another night.
But there are many other faerie kind on the moor, the pixies of Whitchurch Down and of Sheepstor, all are home to the Dartmoor pixies.
Vixen Tor is haunted by an evil witch, but that tale is for another time...

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