Friday, 6 July 2012

Somerset Levels

We had a lovely visit to Muchelney Abbey last weekend, it's the ruins of a very large Abbey out in the Somerset  levels. Once one of the most wealthy abbeys in the area, due in part to the catching of eels but I am sure there must have been some other reason for their wealth. As  Glastonbury it used to be surrounded by water; an island in the middle of the levels. It must have been an uplifting  sight for the inhabitants of the area, visible for miles. Not much remains now thanks to Henry and the dissolution of the monasteries. I believe Somerset the Lord Protector took a personal interest  in the destruction of Muchelney but he was excecuted for treason shortly after so did not enjoy the results of his labour! On a walk along the river by the Abbey we were surrounded by a flock of swifts swooping and diving around us, it was amazing I haven't seen a swift for years and to be surrounded by so many so breathtaking.
The whole area has a unique feeling to it, and Glastonbury was an important part linking the network of monasteries and abbeys together across the country. It's easy to forget amid the bustle of holidaymakers and gift shops what an important spiritual part of the country this is.
Elizabeth Andrews

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