Monday, 16 July 2012

Water Nymphs

The rivers of Britain contain many different sorts of wildlife including water nymphs, with the rising waters they have more territory to explore so it is wise to avoid the fast flowing flood waters. The river Frome around Wool in Dorset is known to be the home of water nymphs and although beautiful they are treacherous and very dangerous. The monks of Bindon Abbey which was destroyed by Henry the eighth during the dissolution knew of their existence warned  the locals of their existence. One man had already met one of them while walking by the side of the river and had fallen in love with the beautiful stranger.
He was horrified when the monks told him that it was a nymph and that she had no soul. He was told that she could only survive by sucking the life from her victims. Not wanting to believe the monks he rushed to the river bank to find her. Perhaps the water nymph had sensed that the monks had warned her lover and she was never seen again. Although he walked the banks from Wool bridge to Moreton Ford every day he never saw her again.
As time went on he became more and more heartbroken and eventually threw himself into the water and drowned.

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