Wednesday, 28 August 2013

To keep off evil spirits...
If you are troubled with evil spirits, pick bramble at the full moon and 
make a wreath, including rowan and ivy, then hang over the doors of your
 house ; this will also protect the inhabitants against evil spells. This belief in the 
protective qualities of the bramble led them to being planted around fresh 
graves of protect loved ones against evil, although in some areas it was believed 
that this would stop the dead rising and returning as ghosts.
Faerie Flora 2013
The rowan is the most powerful of plants against evil and witchcraft, hang it above the door
or planted in the garden. It protects home, family and beasts against spells, and if you use rowan wood walking sticks and whip stocks, these are all deterrents against the influence of witches and faeries. Coffins made of rowan wood will prevent the dead from walking.

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