Monday, 15 April 2013

Hairy Meg of Scotland

This is another creature of the world of fae that should not be judged by her appearance!
Hairy Meg was a brownie that lived a hundred years ago in the farmhouse of Achnarrow near Glenlivet. She was a grand worker and practically ran the place single handed, in fact she was too good! All she required in payment was a bowl of milk and an oatcake. At this time the farmer was struggling financially after a bad year of crop failure and sickness in his livestock so he decided to sack the rest of the servants to save money.
Hairy Meg was not pleased with this and decided to go on strike, refusing to do any of the chores and throwing pots and pans at the farmer if he ventured into the kitchen. She made such a nuisance of herself that the farmer had to relent and re hire all the servants. Hairy Meg was delighted to see them all back at the farm and peace and harmony reigned again.

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