Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Lavender Witcn cont...


There were a few early fallers under the two remaining apple trees in the orchard behind the house, the old neglected trees had long since stopped producing a decent crop but the wasps had found the few apples that had dropped and were drunkenly crawling over the rotting fruit.
One stray wasp flew in through the kitchen door and buzzed slowly around the room until it found the empty tubs of the Indian takeaway on the table. Kitty flicked it away with a tea towel and swept the debris into a carrier bag.
'Thanks for bringing the Indian.'
Gordon pushed his empty plate away and stood up. 'Well I thought it would be easier for you, after all,' he said looking at the pile of boxes in the hall. 'You've had a busy day. So what time did the removal company finish?'
Kitty sighed and pushed her greying hair back from her face.
'I think we finished unpacking the van about five, so then they had one last cup of tea and went on about five thirtyish.' She picked up the dirty plates and piled them in the sink. 'I've run out of milk as well, they drank so much tea and coffee. I was brewing up the whole time they were here.'
'Oh well, at least they worked hard for it and moving all our junk in one trip! I'm sure they deserve all the tea they could drink for that.'
A cool breeze blew in the door, outside dusk was falling and the last few minutes of birdsong drifted over the newly landscaped garden.
'Thank goodness it stayed dry, there's nothing worse than trying to move in the rain.'
Gordon opened the fridge. 'Yeah.. We were lucky this time, is there enough milk left for a cup of tea?'He picked up the carton and shook it. 'Nope it's dry,' he complained. 'It will have to be a black coffee.'
Kitty pulled a couple of clean mugs out of a cardboard box on the table.
'I hope I've got enough coffee left, there's some tea,but black tea? And by the way, there's something wrong with this door,' she indicated the back door. 'It won't stay open.'
Gordon raised his eyebrows and sighed mockingly. 'Anew house and you're finding fault already.'
I'm not finding fault, it just won't stay open. And the front door is just as bad. It kept shutting when we were trying to bring things in. I'm sure the men thought I was doing it for a joke, so Greg propped it open with your armchair. He had a look at it; he said it might be the hinges.'

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