Saturday, 20 April 2013

Healing Poppet

Healing Poppet have been used for centuries, they are lifelike figures made from either clay, wax, straw but usually cloth. Made to represent a certain person and by using their hair, toenail clippings, saliva, etc, it reinforces the bond between the poppet and the intended recipient. Life must be breathed into the doll and then named.
Poppets are used in ritual magic and spell craft and have been in use for thousands of years, they are very similar to the voodoo doll but are of much older origin.
These dolls are a good example of sympathetic magic, which works on two laws. The law of similarity; this states that like produces like, so the poppet is made to represent and therefore substitute a certain person. The  law of contact states that whatever is done to the object affects the person to whom the poppet is linked.
Faerie Flora- Elizabeth Andrews
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