Friday, 19 April 2013

The properties of Lavender

Just had an interesting tweet about Lavender and its uses, and as there is never enough space for replies on twitter I thought I would carry  waffling on my blog.

Lavender is an amazing herb as I found out when I started researching herbs etc for my new book Faerie Flora.
It has been used medicinally for hundreds of years as well as being used in love spells and rituals. By carrying the flowers you can attract spirits as well as bringing peace love and good health and also gives protection against the evil eye. Re:The Lavender Witch!
Lavender Oil is good for many skin conditions and can be used for acne usually in conjunction with Bergamot as it is a powerful antiseptic and inhibits the bacteria which cause skin infections.
Also can used for treating burns and scalds.
For a remedy against coughs colds catarrh and sinusitis add a few drops to hot water and inhale for 15 mins
Adding a few drops to bath water will help with skin infections muscular pains arthritis etc
Lavender Tea is good for soothing and calming nerves and helps to relieve headaches.
However herbs can be extremely powerful and can interact poorly with other medication so probably best to check with a doctor or herbalist if you are in any doubt.

I have explored the uses and folklore surrounding Lavender more fully in my upcoming  book Faerie Flora which will be available the summer of 2013.

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