Monday, 20 May 2013

A bluebell wood...

It has been a beautiful sunny weekend here in the west country and we made the
 most of it. 
Driving through the green overgrown lanes around our home, the sunlight 
dappling through the green leaves, was a magical journey. 
On either side the woods stretched out and 
underneath in a lovely blue carpet were thousands of bluebells. 
Very tempting.

The bluebell is one of the most potent of faerie flowers and a bluebell wood is a 
very dangerous place to stray into. It will be full of faeries weaving spells and 
enchantments amongst the trees in to which you will be drawn if you are not careful.
Mortals will be held captive until led out by another human and if a child wanders into 
their webs of enchantment they will be whisked away to faerie land and never seen again.
The faeries are called to their revels by the sound of the bluebells chiming but if a 
human hears the chiming, it means a malicious faerie is nearby and can possibly 
fortell your own death. 
For this reason it is known as Deadman's Bells in Scotland.

If you wish to attract faeries to your garden plant bluebells in the flowerbeds.

Faerie Flora (coming June 2013)

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