Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The magic of primroses

 The primrose is also known as faerie cups and is a very magical plant. 
Faeries inhabit the flowers and hide beneath the leaves and they will do their best 
to protect the plant from harm. They will be very displeased if you allow a primrose 
to die in your garden.
A faerie portal can be opened by striking a faerie rock with a posy of primrose flowers. 
For your own protection you must use the correct amount of blooms (which I believe is five) 
The rock will split and the entrance revealed. The faeries dislike being disturbed and will 
try to pull you through the entrance into their world and you will never be allowed to 
return to the land of mortals.
If, however, you have used the right amount of flowers they will be unable to do so
 and don't forget, if you wish to see the faeries that reside within remember to eat 
a primrose flower first and this will make all visible.

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