Saturday, 11 May 2013

Well, while I am waiting for my delivery, ho hum( I have been tracking this via DHL, it's fascinating watching the route its been taking,China to Hong Kong then to Germany, West Midlands and then down to Bristol, just hope it makes the last leg of the journey, am I sad or what?!!) I will carry on my blog..
Mind you, somebody who writes about faeries has got to be a bit odd, well just a teensy weensy bit!

This is what everybody should have at the bottom of the garden!
Now the better weather is here, the spring flowers are popping out which I am sure encourages the faeries to come out, and I am sure this is what she is waiting for.
The primroses are abundant now in the hedges of the west country, my favourite spring flower. As well as being pretty it has medicinal properties as well.  These plants give faeries invisibility, if they are eaten it will enable you to see the little people. Hang a bunch on your door and it will act as an invitation; to keep them out of the house, sprinkle the petals outside the door.

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