Tuesday, 21 May 2013

According to a Devon legend...

According to a well known Devon legend, the hard frosts which sometimes 
occur at this time of year are the revenge of a man called Frankin, 
a beer brewer who was put out of business by the competition from the cider makers of the west country. He vowed vengeance and offered his soul to the Devil in return for frosts 
on each of the three Frankin's Days' around May 21st, which he hoped would kill 
the apple blossom and ruin the cider crop.
Luckily for cider drinkers  a few frosts don't stop our locals brewing up a good cider!
When I was younger we used to buy a barrel every summer when we were 
haymaking from a local apple orchard, the rumour was it tasted so good because 
he used to put a live rat in the barrel to add flavour!
I'm sure it wasn't true tho!

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