Thursday, 23 May 2013

Snails, more than garden pest...

Like most enthusiastic gardeners I view the appearance of snails munching on my newly planted lettuce with  little tolerance! But there are other uses for these little shelly beasties..
In Cornwall, snails were regarded as a lucky charm, especially ones with a striped shell. The snail would be thrown backwards over the finder's head while chanting:
'Lucky snail, lucky snail, go over my head
And bring me a penny before I go to bed.'
There are quite a few traditional remedies using snails, however I don't think I would recommend them!
Snail juice in particular was considered to be an effective treatment for weak backs and ankles; the snails were either boiled and the liquid drunk or twelve snails would be collected, crushed, then hung in a bag. The liquid which dripped from the bag would be collected and rubbed into the weak areas.
As I said, I wouldn't recommend this! Yugh!

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