Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Advice from a 17th century spell book

If you are not interested in love potions but wish instead to rid yourself of unwanted 
attention from a suitor read on..
The 20th  of July is the feast of St Wilgefortis ( not one of the better known saints )
She was the daughter of the King of Portugal and had made a vow of perpetual 
virginity: when her father tried to make her marry she prayed for deliverance and 
at once sprouted a copious beard! 
Her suitors then fled in horror and her outraged father had her crucified.
Known forever after as St Wilgefortis or Uncomber, the original bearded lady. 
She was invoked by women who wished to uncomber themselves of troublesome
 husbands or importunate suitors.

Another little pearl of wisdom from the same spell book...
To know if your husband or wife is bewitched  or not; look well into their eyes and 
if you can discern your picture in them, they are not bewitched; if you cannot discern 
your likeness, some person hath bewitched them.

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