Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer and roses...

Now the summer is well and truly here, hurrah!, my roses are in full bloom and the faeries in my garden are absolutely delighted for they adore roses.
As I have mentioned before if you wish to attract faeries o your garden 
grow loads of roses!
 And if you need a love spell sprinkle rose petals under your feet and dance 
on them while asking the faeries for their help in winning the one you love, 
and they will give their blessings on your magic.

Roses are also extremely useful in medicine; rose hips are a good source of 
vitamin C and according to Culpepper a decotation made with red rose petals
 and wine is a good remedy for headaches. 
Is that the hair of the dog remedy I wonder?

While the faeries use the roses themselves...
a faerie can make her self invisible by eating a rosehip and spinning 
anti clockwise on the same spot three times. To become visible again the faerie 
must eat another rosehip and spin again, but this time clockwise, three times.

I also have another love charm if anybody needs one...
Take three roses, white, pink and red.
wear them next to your heart
for three days
Steep them in wine
For three days more
Then give them to your lover
When he drinks, he will
Be yours forever.

Faerie Flora 2013

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