Sunday, 7 July 2013

If you are in need of a love potion..

With all this lovely weather we are having thoughts turn to love.. or so I am told. 
If you are in need of a love potion read on..
According to Reginald Scott writing 'The Discovery of Witchcraft'  in 1584, 
'the toys which are said to procure love are these. The hair growing in the nethermost 
parts of the wolf's tail, a wolf's yard ( I think he means penis!) 
the brain of a cat,newt or lizard. The bone of a green frog, the flesh thereof 
being consumed by ants, the left bone whereof engendreth love, the bones on 
the right side, hate. Also it is said of a frog's bones that some will swim and 
some sink: those that sink being hanged up in a white linen cloth, engender 
love but if a man be touched therewith, hate.'
 Of course wine and chocolate usually works as well...

For a gentler love spell sprinkle rose petals under your feet and dance on 
them while asking the faeries for their help in winning the one you love 
and they will give their blessings on your magic. 

Faerie Flora- Elizabeth Andrews

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