Tuesday, 9 July 2013

If the love potions have proved successful..

 Now I know what you're thinking, that I haven't given you much time for all 
the brewing of potions and casting spells to catch your true love but, 
forewarned is forarmed as they say!
If you intend to get up and personal, heh ! heh! checking his or her moles 
is a good idea, and I am not talking cancer or anything like that! Or small brown fluffy things that live underground..
According to 'The Old Egyptian Fortune teller' of 1710 the position of a mole 
on the body is a sure way to know the character of a person!
 So here goes.. a mole on the right shoulder denotes happiness to man or woman; 
if on the left shoulder, if a man, he will be quarrelsome, if a woman she will 
have many husbands. On the left cheek, fruitfulness in man or woman; on 
the left ribs, a man to be very cruel, a woman vain and proud; on the right breast, 
denotes a man to be  a slave to love, and shows that a woman will beloved
 of great men; under the right loin, signifies and industrious man and good to a 
woman; on the buttocks, denotes honour to a man and riches to a woman. 
On the right side of the belly, denotes a man to flow in riches and a woman to 
be happy in marriage; one near to the navel signifies many children.
And I can hear you all rushing to the bathroom to examine your moles!!