Thursday, 25 July 2013

Old Country cures..

Living in the country I have come across many strange tales 
and here is one of them...
During the middle of the 19th century there was such a person called a 
Toad Doctor who practiced his arts around Dorset. 
This one, called Buckland lived at Pulham near Cerne and every year in 
the month of May and according to the phases of the moon he would hold a fair, 
known far and wide as 'Dr Bucklands Fair'.
He would attend all dressed in white and was assisted by his three daughters, 
also similarly attired. 
They would attend to people who came from far and wide to seek his help. 
His method was very unusual, for he kept toads which he used alive,
 hanging them under his patients clothes. 
As long as the toads twitched and moved, the cure progressed! 
If the toad died before the patient was cured it was a sign that it was a hopeless case!
Many of his patients used to come as they said they were suffering from 
the effects of overlooking by those with the evil eye.
It was also very popular for scrofula ( the kings evil)
I am lucky I have two toads living in my garden, not that I intend to wear them under my clothes tho! I am sure it is a good sign to have them here.

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