Saturday, 16 November 2013

Ivy Faerie: available as cards or prints, ideal for the festive season!

Apart from being one of the plants brought in for the Christmas decorations the ivy has some interesting folklore surrounding it.
This is taken from my book Faerie Flora;
"This plant brings good luck, fun and happiness, and growing some over the outside wall of your house will deter misfortune.
If you have a house plant of ivy and it dies this might signify that financial problems may be looming.
Ivy is the symbol of fidelity and it used to be customary to hand a wreath of ivy leaves to newly weds. The bridesmaids would also carry some mixed in with their bouquets as it was believed to aid fertility and bring good luck. Wands entwined with ivy are still used in nature fertility rites and in spells for love magic.
For a woman to dream of her future husband she must collect some leaves and recite the following:
Ivy Ivy I love you
In my bosom I put you 
The first young man who speaks to me
My future husband he shall be"

We decorate our houses with greenery at Christmas as did our Roman and Teutonic predecessors as part of their winter festivals.
In some areas it is believed to unlucky to bring Holly and Ivy in before Christmas Eve and all the boughs must be taken down before Twelfth Night.
Faeries and goblins come in with the greenery to shelter against the winter cold; in return for this they would behave and cause no mischief. This is why the boughs must be removed otherwise the more malicious kinds of faeries will be encouraged to stay.

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