Thursday, 7 November 2013

mermaids monsters and other fishy tails..

Well, I am six months into my new illustrated book about Mermaids; what a fascinating subject!
There are so many subdivisions of mermaids not counting all the water spirits, water monsters, bog spirits, selkies, noks nacks, hoopies etc.
I have to include all of these of course as they are so much a part of the folklore of the country, I think it is only right that I try and cover as many of the watery folk as possible.
Take the Tiddy Mun for example; has anybody outside of Cambridgeshire heard of this one I wonder?
He is a bog spirit that inhabits the fenland of east anglia and controls the flood waters of the area. He was greatly angered when the Dutch came over to assist with the draining of the fens and brought down a plague on the cattle and the children of the area. He was only appeased when the people apologized and gave offerings of water and beer to him.
So any suggestions on little known watery beasties will be greatly appreciated!

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