Sunday, 27 October 2013

28th is St Simon and St Judes Day so expect rain!

Judging by the weather forecast for the coming 24 hours I think this will prove to be correct!
Simon and Jude were among Christ's twelve Apostles and some say that they were among the shepherds to whom the angels announced the birth of Jesus.
Simon was martyred because he was sawn in half and is now the patron saint of woodcutters and Jude is the patron saint of lost causes.
It is supposed to rain heavily on this day, oh dear!

Also on this day peel an apple in one strip and turn around three times holding it in your right hand and repeat:
'St Simon and Jude, on you I intrude
By this paring I hold to discover
Without any delay, to tell me this day
The first letter of my own true love'
Then drop the peel over your left shoulder and it will form the initial of of your future partner; if however it breaks you will never marry!
This sort of game is also carried out on Halloween, so you get two goes at it!

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