Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Music for Halloween...

This story is from the Shetland Islands
A fiddler from the village of Yell was carried off by Trows to perform for their Halloween celebrations.
After playing for what seemed to him the whole night he was allowed to depart and immediately proceeded homewards. When he came to his house in the village he saw with surprise that the roof had collapsed and that everything was in a bad state of disrepair. He banged on the door of his neighbours but complete strangers answered his knock. They knew nothing of the situation and did not know the man, telling him that the house had been in that state for many years. He sought out the oldest inhabitant of the village but even he, though but being of great age, knew of nobody ever staying in the house. But however did remember hearing a tale to the effect that at one time the owner of the house had mysteriously disappeared. This had happened before he was born and it was commonly supposed that the hill folk had taken him.
The poor fiddler was completely devastated and had nowhere to go so the old man offered him a bed for the night. The following day which was Sacrament Sunday they both went to church. The fiddler asked to be permitted to communicate. This request was granted but no sooner did he touch the' elements' bread and wine of the Eucharist than the fiddler crumbled into dust.

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