Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A strange story from Scotland

A variation of this strange tale is told around the north of the country.
A man lost his way in the mist and after wandering lost for some time saw a light and headed for it, stumbling through the dark he found his way to a huge oak tree. As soon as he touched the trunk the light was extinguished. He climbed up the trunk of the tree into the canopy to see if he could see any more lights in the distance. As he reached the top he discovered that the trunk was hollow, he looked down and seemed to be gazing down into a church where a funeral was taking place. A coffin surrounded by torches was being carried into the church, borne aloft by cats!
The man hurriedly scrambled down the tree and set off, he hoped, in the right direction of his friend's house.
He stumbled into the house and immediately started to tell of his strange experience. His friend listened intently, surrounded by his sleeping dogs, but the man's cat was sat up and seemed to be listening to every word. When the man exclaimed that the torches and the coffin was carried by cats and that there was a crown and sceptre laid upon the coffin, the cat yelled and said 'Then old Peter's dead and I'm the King of the Cat's. Whereupon the cat sprang up the chimney and was seen no more.

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