Thursday, 24 October 2013

Making a magic wand...

What woman wants to be without her wand? 
So if you leave your favourite magical tool on the bus here's how to make another..
Wands are traditionally made from wood but can also consist of metal or crystal.
In Wiccan and ceremonial magic the wand is used for channeling energy, other magical tools can be used as well including athames. These are used to command while wands are a more gentle tool and used to invite and encourage energies.
In Wicca the wand represents the element of air,  and sometimes fire.
There are many woods that can be used but here are a few favourite ones.
This has been considered a magical tree  for years and is known as The Sacred Tree of Knowledge, its powers recognised by Pagans and Christians alike. It was with a hazel wand that St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.
Great care has to be taken to cut the hazel at the correct time; Midsummer Eve is best as the tree is at it's most powerful then.
A powerful wood, used by Celts in their Samhain festivals. A wand made of this wood can be used to summon faeries and is good for using in faerie magic.
This tree is the essence of magic and is strong in the cycles of life, dealing with death and rebirth. Burning willow wood will help guide the spirits of the recently departed.
According to the Celts this tree is the Father of the Trees and is worshiped by them.
It contains powerful magic and is used in many celebrations and rituals.
This is greatly prized by the faeries so makes a good wand to have when using faerie magic.

You can take the wood from a fallen tree if it is fresh do not use rotten wood. Wood that has just fallen during a storm is a great choice as it will be imbued with the force and energy of the storm that caused it to fall.
Only use wood from a tree that has been hit by lightening if you are a very experienced practitioner as this wood will be very powerful!
The best time to cut the wood is during the night of a waxing moon.
Ask permission of the tree before cutting the wood then leave a small offering to the tree spirits in the roots; not copper as this could kill the tree.
'Oh great tree, oh stronge tree
I ask thee to give me of your wood to 
further me in the art of spellcraft
Accept my gift and grow strong
Oh great tree'
Prepare the wood by sanding it down and annointing with frankincense.
Wrap it in a cloth and put it away for seven days.
After this period take it outside in the moonlight and raise the wand aloft, calling upon the spirits of the earth to help and guide you in your work.

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