Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Faerie and the broken pitcher

Once upon a time there were two sisters, one called Orange and one called Lemon. Their mother loved Lemon much more than Orange, and made Orange do all the hard work in the house, and fetch water from the well every day. One day Orange went to the well as usual taking the big pitcher. While she was stooping to draw the water from the well the pitcher slipped from her hand and fell down into the deep water. Orange was very upset and dared not go home; so she sat down on the grass and cried and cried. Before long the ground was wet with tears and finding herself sat in a pool of tears she looked up and found a little faerie stood next to her wearing a pair of bright pink wellies. She asked Orange 'Why are you crying so much, I ask because you are making my home very wet.'
Orange replied 'Because I have broken the pitcher and mother will be very angry with me and beat me.'
'Dry your tears,' replied the faerie. 'I will help you as you are such a good little girl and so ill used.'
The faerie struck the ground with her wand and from the well Orange could hear a splashing noise. She drew back in alarm but was delighted when the pitcher climbed out off the well. It had no damage and was the same as before except it had arms and legs.
'See,' said the faerie. 'Now this pitcher will be your friend and help to carry the water from the well. Now go home and tell nobody about it.' With that the faerie disappeared back to her home.
Orange was delighted with her new friend, taking its hand she led the full pitcher back to her home but as soon as they reached the back door the pitchers arms and legs disappeared. So Orange picked up the pitcher and carried into the house, and remembering what the faerie said, she told no one.
The next morning Orange awoke early as she always did and thought about all the hard work she would have to do but when she got down stairs to the kitchen, she found the pitcher hard at work, sweeping and washing, and doing all the hard work for her. 
So the faerie was right, the pitcher was for ever after Orange's faithful and helpful friend.

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