Saturday, 15 December 2012

16th Dec called O Sapeinta ( O Wisdom)

This is traditionally the start of mince pie season, and you are supposed to eat as 
many pies  from different cooks as possible, for every cook's pie you will have a
 lucky month in the coming year. 
yum yum!

The mince pie was originally rectangular in shape and said to represent Christ's 
manger, these original pies were abominated by the Puritans as popish superstitions.

Idolatry in crust! Babylons whore
Defiled with superstitions, like the gentiles
Of old, that worshipped onions, roots and lentils

Thankfully we got rid of Cromwell and his puritan ways and now the mince pie is 
a staple part of Christmas!

Of course if you don't like mince pies eat chocolate! according to 
William Coles- Adam in Eden 1657
'The confection made of cacao called chocolate or chocoletto is of wonderful 
efficacy for the procreation of children: for it not only vehemently incites to 
Venus but causeth conception in women... and besides that it preserves health, 
for it makes such as it take it often to become fat and corpulent, fair and amiable.

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