Monday, 3 December 2012

Holly is a sacred tree

The holly is a lucky tree and sacred to the Druids as it symbolises life and immortality.
Faeries revere the holly and will take revenge on anybody damaging the tree. The only time it is permissible to cut the holly is on Christmas Eve as it is an important addition to the Christmas wreath. It was a Celtic custom to gather holly and ivy for decorating the home during the winter symbolising that life and growth would return.
The faeries and elves would also come in with the greenery for shelter during the cold months, in return for shelter they would cause no mischief.
Every berry and sprig of holly must be removed from the house by 31st January, Imbolc Eve otherwise the more mischievous kinds of faeries like goblins will be encouraged to stay.

'Down with the rosemary and so
Down with the baeis and mistletoe
Down with the holly, ivie and all
Wherewith ye drest the Christmas hall
That so the superstition find
Not one least branch there left behind
For look how many leaves there be
Neglected there maids trust to me
So many goblins you shall see!

Robert Hemick

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