Friday, 7 December 2012

just a bit of Somerset humour!

Oral tradition has always been  very important in the west country, here is a popular short story that has been told for many years!

One Sunday morning a young man went to visit Mary a maid at the vicarage. He said 'Cor Mary, something smells good in here, what's the vicar got for dinner?'
She replied 'Sheep's head and five dumplings.'
He suggested a game of hide and seek, so she went off to hide and he took one of the dumplings out of the pot. He did this four times, so there was only one dumpling left. He said 'I'd better go now, the vicar will be back soon.'
But before he went he gave the sheep's head and dumplings  in the pot a good stir with a ladle. 
The vicar came in and said 'What's for dinner Mary?'
  She said ' Sheep's head and dumplings,' and she took off the lid to show him and said 'Quick Vicar, the sheep's head has eaten four dumplings and is chasing the other one round the pot like mad!'

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