Monday, 17 December 2012

deck the halls

Yes it's that time again, to deck the house with holly and ivy but apparently not 
before Christmas Eve as it unlucky to bring into the house before. 
Holly is the most popular, the berries symbolizing Christs blood and it's prickles 
his crown of thorns. I t was also used in pagan times as protection against 
witchcraft and against lightening.
Ivy is useful to have in the house at Christmas as drinking wine with a handful 
of bruised leaves in it is a cure for a hangover!
Mistletoe is another plant that must not be brought in before Christmas Eve, 
most powerful against evil it is also a aphrodisiac  and a plant of fertility! 
hence the kissing under the mistletoe.
After each kiss a berry is picked off and when all the berries have gone the kissing stops!

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