Saturday, 15 February 2020

The Doll-Elizabeth Andrews- Review

The Doll is the fourth in the Psychic Sisters series - Queenie and Sybil, the tea guzzling sisters who also happen to be witches.

Queenie has her peaceful Sunday afternoon interrupted by the arrival of the 
local Vicar, Paul Goodfellow. 
He has recently come into possession of a strange doll, the previous owner, a young women committed suicide in a most horrific way and her mother is convinced that the
 doll was in some part responsible. 
She begs the Vicar to perform an exorcism on the doll before leaving it with him. 
Paul, although he is very sceptical, agrees to take the doll. But the doll begins to 
affect his three young daughters and following the advice of one of his parishioners 
he decides to consult the local witch...Queenie.
What she finds worries her enormously; it is no ordinary doll, it has a killing 
curse attached to it. 
One that was never completed.
When the original owner of the doll, a powerful witch forces her way into 
Queenie's house in search of the doll so that she can complete the curse and wreak 
vengeance of the intended victim, Queenie realises that she is facing the 
most formidable adversary that she has ever met.
Although she has the help of her sister, Sybil and Paul to thwart the witch, her coven 
and the Hell Hounds that she sets against them Queenie has to dig deep and
 summon up all her knowledge of the occult to defeat this evil women.

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